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Ealing's most welcoming pub

and garden 

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The Red Lion

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Summer in the Garden

Throughout the summer our smoker and BBQ will be in action every Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

We will also be hosting a number of events for our community. See the full events calendar here

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Past & Present

Ealing Studios is across the street from The Red Lion. The pub has always been frequented by the actors, producers, directors and other staff members who work at the studio.


They nicknamed the pub ‘stage 6’ (Ealing studios had 5 stages at the time), so it was a secret code used to sneak out for a pint.


Currently a brand new 14,000 square foot stage, 10,000 square foot of new workshops and 35,000 square foot of additional offices are in the process of being built.


We welcome this ever growing creative work force. Whatever stage it may be... 

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Something to Celebrate?

If you are thinking of hiring a space for 10 or more people, or maybe even the entire venue, please drop us a message

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